Witch Crafting for Wild Times


Workshop: Witch Crafting for Wild Times
Instructor: Nicki Paul
Thursday (2/16), 2:00pm, Historic/Hallowed Headquarters of GayBiGayGay (4604 Kitty Ave)

During our time together, we will create sacred space in east Austin and collectively witch craft enchanted talismans for protection with sacred queer wildness. This workshop will be participatory and welcome to anyone with an open heart for collective queer healing. Space is limited.  Please RSVP to: nikipaul@gmail.com

Niki Paul is a queer femme witch based in Austin, TX with roots in feminist Jewish and Celtic earth-based tradition. While she has intuitively connected to various forms of witchery for most of her life and learned from various kindred witches across the lands, she continues to formally study the mysteries with a national intergenerational community called In Sacred Balance.

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