2020 Wednesday, February 19

Opening Night Reception!

@ VORTEX (Yard): 6:00pm

Come early for Happy Hour at the Butterfly Bar: Grab your badge, sample some FREE deliciousness courtesy of Patrizi’s (badge holders only), and prepare for the Nasty Frutiness to come!

Opening Night Pre-Show!:


The Barber Shop QuarTIT (Adrienne Anemone, Kerri Atwood, Joanna LaBow)

@ VORTEX (Tent): 6:30pm

THE BOOTY BEHIND TUTI FRUITI uncover truths about identity and sexuality that have long been forced to hide underground (like a seed, maaan!) by the gardener of lies… UNTIL NOW. You will never look at the food pyramid in the same way! Barber Shop Quartit aims to shift your PEAR-adigm, through song, dance and edu-tainment! 

Opening Night!:

The (ART) oF BE(i)NG

JB Ghuman, Jr. (Director / Writer / Editor / Creator / Performer) 

@ VORTEX (Main): 7:00pm

A volcanic visual and sonic eruption of art, pop culture and queer aesthetics that will boggle your brain and transfix your soul. The (ART) oF BE(i)NG loosely follows Ariel (of Little Mermaid fame) as she transcends upwards—only, instead of rising from the sea, she ascends to a higher dimension, with the help of a cavalcade of queerdos, including non-binary lesbian rapper, iRAWniQ, Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters), Mariqueen Maandig (How to Destroy Angels) and the Lady Tigra—among many other fabulous fam. Followed by a live performance from director-performer JB Ghuman, Jr.!

Opening Night Party!

CHRISTEENE w/ Bed Tundee

@ VORTEX (Tent): 8:15pm

CHRISTEENE is a human pissoir of raw unabashed sexuality; a gender-blending, booty-pounding, perversion of punk fully equipped with an arsenal of ferocious music intertwined with raw moments of strained intimacy and fiery stank.

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