OUTsider 2022: Unplugged!

FEBRUARY 16-20, 2022

In the stripped-down spirit of the back-to-basic “before-times,” this year we’re taking a creative cue from the ‘90s underground: that time just prior to the digital deluge, when DIY was dope, handmade flyers were fly and crunk was queer as punk. The grungers were grunging, the riot grrrls were rioting, the BIPOCs and queers were fucking fed up, and there wasn’t a damn iPhone or influencer anywhere in sight. We’re here, we’re queer… get used to leaving your house and going all the way downtown and to the bar if you wanna get jiggy with it or get your freak on (scrubs, you can talk to the hand).

Inspired by the down and dirty DIY artivism and aesthetics of the ‘90s, we’re taking you to an offline oasis outside today’s digital infrastructure and all its inundations. ‘Cause in these times of so-called “new normals” (as if!), we can’t help but wonder how us queers can continue to opt OUT: to find an anti-viral, analog abnormal. Embrace the unconventional, unvarnished and au natural. Keep on being cozy and (re-)connect beyond the bounds of the internet. Prepare yourself for OUTsider Y2-22 as we unplug from the mainframe, ‘mos: Time to put that rad back into radical!

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