2019 Thursday, February 21

Curiosity / Queeriosity (Click HERE for information)
@ OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.): 11:00am – 1:00pm




Kaya Té & Lembra
@ VORTEX (Main): 6:00pm – 6:30pm

Living and breathing on the island of Borikén (known for its colonial name Puerto Rico) is already a political statement. Seeking to repurpose and unlearn traumas caused by colonization, capitalism, hurricanes, and heteronormative institutions, Kaya Té & Lembra empty the noise buried within them through sound and site-specific corporal improvisation; all while acting on the values of self preservation and love that mainstream culture has forced them to discard.




Arazel Newman, Bashezo Boyd, Evie Snax, and TopShelf (Organizers)
@ VORTEX (Tent): 7:00pm – 8:30pm


Come see the best of Hot Bits, a traveling queer erotic film festival, curated just for OUTsider 2019. Hot Bits celebrates and elevates alternative representations of pleasure, empowerment, and self love made by and for marginalized people. These films from around the globe re-write the alienating categories defined by the mainstream commercial porn and sex industries of who/what is desirable and what desire looks/feels like. Come for creative visions of full spectrum sexuality; all-over sex and body positive freakishness; featuring the hottest hits of untold pleasures. xo

Films included in this program:

CCrystal Clear / Max Disgrace / Feat. Duke & Ruud Juud/ London / 2017 / 4 minsLondon
Eros / Evie Snax / Feat. Luzifer Priest / Philadelphia/ 2 mins
Sin Vergüenza / LaMuxer Diosa / Ramses Rodstein /Oakland / 2018 / 4min
Full / AORTA Films / Feat. Mahx Capacity & Shay Knox / New York / 2017 /14 min
Besos de Mazapan / Ramses Rodstein / Tenoch El Guero/ El Cerrito, CA / 2017/ 5 mins
TRANS WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL / Jenna Pup/ Philadelphia / 2018 / 2mins
Party All Night Piss Play All Day / Akrẏsta Kōre / Suzie Spindrift / Northampton, MA/ 201710 min
D.T.F. (Down to Fall) / Evie Snax / Jiz Lee/ Berlin / 2018 / 5min
Indigenous Luv (Hanky Code: The Movie) / Demian DinéYazhi’/ / 2015/ 5min
Pizza Roles /Ari Chivukula and Danny Tayara / Seattle / 2017 / 4min
Girrrl w/ the Most Cake / Jacqueline Mary / Brooklyn, NY / 2015/ 1 min
Piedad (Mercy) / Minus Is Valido / Naya Pascual / Feat. Andrea Lopez, Jorge Benavides, Felisa Me Muero, Parker Max/ Berlin / 2018/ 16min
BASTARD-A / Hunter Haus / Feat. JouMartan / Canary Islands / 2018 / 1min
White Fur / Neve Be/Nikki Silver / Feat. Neve Be, Hot Beef Sunday, Prince Juniper, Oscar Io & Feryl Crow / Oakland / 2016/ 3min
FANTASME / BUISSON / Feat. Amaury Jansens, Laurent Borioli & Valentine Pineau / France / 2017 /4 min
Casual Fuckwear Jen Arter / Feat. Shaggy Fetlocks, Lexi, Kovenn Flaarm, Drew & Jen A / California / 2017 / 3min
Breakfast in Bed / Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell/ Seattle / 2016/ 2 min
Tease / Oona Taper/ 2018 / 1 min
Latifúndio / Érica Sarmet / Feat. Estevão Garcia, Guilherme Marcondes, Raphi Soifer, Carolla Ramos, Raissa Vitral, Patricia Bárbara, Flora Lucas, Igor Dornelles, Érica Sarmet, Gabriel Domingues, Lucas Pinheiro, Felipe Abdala, Maria Isabel Lamim, Amanda Meirinho & Nathalia Gonçales /Brazil /2017 /11min

Co-sponsored by aGLIFF.



AMERICAN CUCK: From Plantations To Pornhub To Brietbart.com
M. Lamar
@ VORTEX (Main): 9:30pm – 11:00pm

A multimedia video and environmental installation and musical performance interrogating the maintenance of white supremacy in the pornographic imagination and psyche of the U.S. nation-state, and its effects on every aspect of American Life. An exploration of the white male cuckold, the black male object of his obsession, and the relation of both to a plantation culture of race, desire, and violence, American Cuck connects the modern alt-right obsession with cuckolding to its historical antecedents, exposing the newest version of an antique narrative central to the country’s self-identity. Any rupture in the dominant masques of the plantation fantasy sends the entire republic into crisis. Such ruptures and crises are the focus, and goal, of this piece.

Co-sponsored by Austin Black Pride.


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