The Lost Boys

KW_photographer Taso Papadakis_305

Created by Kevin Williamson. Featuring Julio Medina, Kevin Le and Raymond Ejiofor.
Thursday (2/18), 8:00pm, Salvage Vanguard Theater (2803 Manor Rd.)

Created by Los Angeles dance artist Kevin Williamson, “The Lost Boys” is an evening length dance for four men inspired by research on internalized homophobia shared by millennials who grew up during the AIDS Crisis.  Audiences are invited into a humorous, haunting, and cathartic portrait of an identity formed during a time of complex fears.  The dance’s militant physicality symbolizes conservative responses to the crisis that produced cycles of stigma – but as the dance unfolds, the performers reinvent these movements, texts and songs, to find solace through erotic counter-memories.  Experimental composer Jeepneys plays musical ringleader, slamming old beats and found sound together in a collage of audio-bytes and eclectic atmospheres.

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