The Gun Show

Gun Show

John Moletress
Opening: Thursday (2/18), 5:00pm, Vortex Theater Pony Shed (2307 Manor Rd.)
Live Performance: Friday (2/19), 6:00pm, Vortex Theater Pony Shed (2307 Manor Rd.)

Welcome to the NSFW Gun Show! Buy. Sell. Trade. Consider your MASC card reissued! Free stickers! Free popcorn! Fun for the kids! We got gold guns! Glitter guns! BIG GUNS! For the ladies, free engraving! Come on down to the Gun Show, ya’ll!

America’s obsession with gun culture is transmitted through queer territory in this performance and installation. “Sexy” gun culture will occupy the Pony Shed at the Vortex while adjacent on a wooden stage, the artist performs a score of 462 falls for each of the victims of U.S. mass shootings in 2015.

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