The Future(s) of Ume

Welcome to the world of Ume (they/them), a non-binary intergalactic gator (a cyborgator, if you will)

For this interactive piece, you all are invited to collectively write the many possible stories of Ume.

I will start with a seed (a short prompt) and I hope together we can grow this rhizome during the entire festival!

You have two options for this interaction:

  1.  You can add lines on this gdoc about Ume’s whereabouts and adventures (no limit.) Join us every day, one day, twice a day: it’s your call!
  2.  For the more adventurous ones! Help us continue the many futures of Ume responding via video on flipgrid: You only need to have access to a Microsoft or Google account to participate. Continue the story by responding to this topic or to any video of the chain in the form of a comment!

On the last day of the festival (Sunday 21st of February), we will close the portal of access to Ume’s Future(s). Join us on Zoom!

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