2019 Sunday, February 24


Andee Scott and YOU
@Ground Floor Theater (979 Springdale Rd.): 11:00am – 1:00pm

After a two years hiatus, Gay Ballet returns to OUTsider! This is an all-inclusive beginning ballet class taught by interdisciplinary dance artist and University of South Florida faculty member Andee Scott. An exhilarating interactive experience that responds to the need for an alternative to traditional adult ballet classes. All populations are welcome, with priority given to queers & beginners.




Thirza Cuthand
@ VORTEX (Main): 2:00pm – 3:30pm

For this year’s Early Career Retrospective, we’re highlighting the DIY decolonial delights of Thirza Cuthand: Lessons in Baby Dyke Theory, You are a Lesbian Vampire, 2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99 and more! Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1978, and raised in Saskatoon, Cuthand’s charmingly kooky and chucklesome films blithely burlesque an outsider existence of queerness, Indigeneity and living in Canada’s settler colonial society.

Co-sponsored by Cine Las Americas and Austin Film Society.




Elliot Reed and Others TBD
@ VORTEX (Tent): 4:30pm – 5:30pm

This work is an impromptu OUTsider debut: Working from the cabinet of curiosities theme, performance artist Elliot Reed will write an original script using sampled text from the “Free Stuff” section of Craigslist–a section of the site that many artists know as a treasure trove of unwanted items ranging from spare bricks, dirt, and wood, to furniture, VHS Tapes, and discarded cardboard. Performers will also be hired via a Craigslist posting, inviting a makeshift cast to one rehearsal before their debut at the fest.

This performance thus creates a conversation around notions of value, reflecting on the many creative ways we collect, recycle, and reassemble different elements in our lives. Who we are is formed by what we have access to. As we grow into ourselves, we take greater control and exercise choice. With humor, Reed investigates this process of never-ending discovery by putting themself on the spot.


It’s a Janet Jackson Sunday Sidebar! 



Kevin Williamson
@ VORTEX (Main): 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Kevin Williamson directs and performs Still or I’ve Been Choreographed, a new evening length solo. In it, he moves atop projected images, examining the various ways his body is disciplined as an expressive subject. As he morphs through quotidian actions and various dance genres, he reads a letter to his idol, Janet Jackson, asking her questions about life and improvises with his discomforts and failures. It is a dance about being a dancer and making art right now. Lighting design by Carol McDowell.




w/ Dorian Wood and Felix and the Future
@ VORTEX (Main & Tent): 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Singer/composer Dorian Wood will perform Janet Jackson’s 1989 masterpiece “Rhythm Nation 1814” in its entirety, arranged for voice and piano. Says Dorian: “I was 14 when this album came out. No other music at the time sounded like it. I knew every lyric and every dance move, and Janet’s messages of social justice and reluctant sensuality helped shape my adolescence.”

Felix and the Future presents Conquest of a Pink Planet! Holy Hands Vol. 2 is the debut full length album from Mexican-American Artist, Felix and the Future. Felix and the Future is a runaway. He leaves Earth looking for home in Outer Space, where Holy Hands Vol. 2, begins. The songs are the soundtrack to his memories searching for false idols and prophets. He confronts characters, like Karen, who set the tone for the album.


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