Queer Student Showcase


Performances by Mandy Rojas and Bex Orton. Films by Ellyn Snider, Elise Primeaux, Alexandra Lopez and Scott Walkingstick. Others TBA.
Sunday (2/19), 3:00pm, The VORTEX (2307 Manor Rd.)

Our annual showcase of work by local queer students/youths!




Well Woman by Mandy Rojas

Well Woman is a semi-autobiographical solo performance where I explore what it means to be a woman in my family. What does it mean to be the daughter of a woman who lost her breasts and hair to a potentially lethal illness? What does it mean to be a daughter who wants top surgery and a shaved head when her mother had them forcibly removed? What does it mean to be a woman that isn’t sure she is a woman?


Unspeakable Act by Bex Orton and Mandy Rojas

A fluid yet jarring devised movement piece that utilizes weight sharing as a metaphor for the tension and reliance that is present in co-dependent relationships. Intertwined with satisfying moments of release and love between two women that can shift, build, and morph into moments of eruption and anger. The movement portion of the piece will be accompanied by an immersive soundscape that follows the journey these women endure together.

*Co-sponsored by Out Youth*



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