2015 OUTsider Legacy Award (ARCHIVAL)

And, The Award Goes To….

Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle!


Each year OUTsider confers a Legacy Award to an artist/s, who embody the best qualities of being a cultural misfit: bold originality, oddball charm, wild disobedience, brilliant misbehavior…

This year, OUTsider honors erotic icon and self-proclaimed “post-porn modernist” Annie Sprinkle and ecological sex (“eco-sex”) artist Beth Stephens. For the festivities, Sprinkle and Stephens will deliver a performative lecture on their sinsational work, spanning porn, performance, activism and visual art. This lecture will be followed by an ecosex walking tour: Sprinkle and Stephen’s guided tour of the ecosexy sites of Manor Road, inviting audience members to experience the fun as they shift the metaphor from “Earth as mother,” to “Earth as lover!,” learning 25 ways to make love to the Earth, finding the e-spot and exploring the eroticism of nature through the senses. See schedule for details.



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