Joint Showcase


Luis Gabriel Sanabria, José Luis Sanabria, Sebastian Turner and Olivia Warner
Sunday (2/19), 5:00pm, The VORTEX (2307 Manor Rd.)

In these videos we present two natural settings and the creatures that have evolved in each. The videos depict the isolated evolutions that are unique to islands, strange beasts that could not have come to be on the mainland. The creatures eat, mate and raise their young in beautiful, symbiotic dances.

This project reflects our desire to create an alternate history/future for the wild and isolated island of Puerto Rico. We imagined the natural setting free from industry and colony, saturated and fertile. The post-human creatures create new magic and rituals from their surroundings.

Will also include a performance component. *Co-sponsored by Cine Las Americas*




AKTION TOILET: Music Video Premiere and Talk
By CHRISTEENE; Produced and Directed by PJ Raval; Starring CHRISTEENE / T Gravel / Dawg Elf / Chubby D. 
Sunday (2/19), 5:00pm, The VORTEX (2307 Manor Rd.)

First ‘sneak’ screening of the new music video AKTION TOILET by CHRISTEENE! Followed by performer and director commentary and discussion.

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