In the News

The Austin Chronicle, “Support Our Talented Local Queer Artists This Holiday Season” (December 2016)

The Austin Chronicle, “Out in Public: OUTsider Returns with Sex in Public and We’re Ready to Voyeur” (February 2016)

The Austin Chronicle, “Don’t Overlook the Queens of the Texas Film Scene” (February 2016)

The Austin Chronicle, “Gay Place Top 10s” (January 2016)

The Horn, “Over the Rainbow: Inside OUTsider” (January 2015)

L Style G Style  “Tribe 8 to Reunite at the Inaugural OUTsider Festival” (January 2015) “Fund This: First Ever OUTsider Festival” (October 2014)

The Hollywood Times “Filmmaker PJ Raval & Performance Artist Paul Soileau Star as Fundraising Televangelists for Inaugural Queer Arts Festival” (October 2014)

L Style G Style “Community: OUTsider Festival Campaign” (October 2014) “Day Drinkin’ with OUTsider Festival Artistic Director Curran Nault” (October 2014) “OUTcast 336” (October 2014) “Thinking in Public” (June 2014)

The Austin Chronicle “Outside of Society” (May 2014) “America’s First Multi-Arts Queer Festival Set for Austin Next February” (March 2014) Austin Filmmakers Party at Sundance 2014″ (January 2014)  ,



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