Shannon O’Malley and Keith Wilson
Wednesday (2/17), 9:00pm, Salvage Vanguard Theater (2803 Manor Rd.)

Gay Men Draw Vaginas is a book of drawings from people who, at the time of artmaking, identified as “gay men.” The collection was curated, designed and self-published by Shannon O’Malley and Keith Wilson in 2014, and includes realistic, conceptual and un-categorizable renderings credited to gays from around the world. For OUTsider, O’Malley and Wilson exhibit a selection of original drawings collected online and in-person at their “vagina drawings booths.”

O’Malley and Wilson see the project as an unscientific collection of data and a presentation of a phenomenon. The drawings are a mix of funny and uncomfortable, ugly and pretty. “When taking in the collection, we hope people do a lot of things; we hope they’ll laugh, we hope they’ll think about what it means to identify as a ‘gay man,’ we hope they’ll think about ideas our culture has about bodies and body parts.”

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