Conference on the Couch

Conference on the Couch 2020


OUTsider is not just a transmedia arts fest, it’s also a conference! We’re continuing to break the conference mold with smart & sexy salon-style panels at the home (and on the couch!) of OUTsider President PJ Raval & Artistic Director Curran Nault (3702 Robinson Ave.). Curated by Laura Gutiérrez.

Join us for conversation & queer intimacies with the artists and academics of OUTsider 2020.

Coffee+Tea+goodies will be served!

Co-sponsored by LGBTQ+ Studies at UT. 




Thursday, Feb. 20, 11am-1:00pm
@The OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.)

This session will explore the concept of OUTsider 2020 by thinking about what it means to be a “bad apple” and be thought of as not only corrupting others, but of being material to be discarded. In addition to reveling on our “nastiness,” we will explore the ways in which queer artists and thinkers engage non-normative practices and/or objects of analysis, to create new modes of belonging for the other bad apples.

Grayson Hunt – moderator

Rotimi Agbabiaka

Hot Bits Collective Members

Paul Soileau / CHERISTEENE

Susana Vargas


Friday, Feb. 21, 11am-1:00pm
@The OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.)

 This session explores the ways in which some prefixes post-, de-, and anti- preceding colonial indicate unstable, unfinished, or unrealized projects. We bring together queer and non-binary artists and thinkers whose anti-racist work questions the colonial structures that have socially, politically, and economically rendered them marginal in order to imagine otherwiseness.

Laura G. Gutiérrez – moderator

Pêdra Costa

Krudas Cubensi (Olivix and Odaymar)

More TBA


Saturday, Feb. 22, 11am-1:00pm
@The OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.)

This session revolves around the moving image and how queer, gender nonconforming, and qtpoc artists traverse and/or respond to the dominant modes of film and moviemaking. We will explore the ways in which it is important to not only take the creative process of image-making, but also the means of distribution.

PJ Raval -moderator

JB Ghuman Jr.

Aymar Jean Christian 

M. Lamar 

Hot Bits Collective Members

Samara Halperin


The Conference on the Couch is supported in part by LGBTQ+ Studies at UT Austin and a grant from Humanities Texas.

Sex in Public: Art on the Edge

Sex in Public

Conference on the Couch: Sex in Public–Art on the Edge
Friday (2/19), 11:00am, OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.)

Art/porn, gutter/gallery, side-eye those inhibitions and saddle up to the OUTsider 2016 festival theme: Sex in Public. In the year that gay marriage became legal across the United States, we ask some leading-edge artists and thinkers, “How do we keep the sex in homosexuality, while friskily queering bodies, bedrooms and behaviors? What continued potentials, pleasures and problematics do the erotic and the explicit insert into our creative exploits?”

Moderated by:


Ann Cvetkovich (Professor, UT Austin, Department of English)



Marcus Cruz Sanchez (The Q, Art Erotica)

Julie Gillis (BedPost Confessions)

Rockie Gonzalez (Organizer, Forbidden Film Fest, Texas Burlesque Fest, Frontera Fund)

Jonesy (Die Kranken Collective)

Travis Mathews (Filmmaker, Interior. Leather Bar, In Their Room series)

More TBA


Followed by a live performance from Kegels for Hegel!





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