Conference on the Couch

Original painting by Jeanne Stern​, featuring addition of Betty Grumble​, Julius Poncelet Manapul​, Ann Cvetkovich​, Nia Shand​, Ness White​, Laura G. Gutiérrez and Jesus Valles​.

Conference on the Couch 2019

OUTsider is not just a transmedia arts fest, it’s also a conference! We’re continuing to break the conference mold with smart & sexy salon-style panels at the home (and on the couch!) of OUTsider President PJ Raval & Artistic Director Curran Nault. Curated by Laura Gutiérrez.

Join us for conversation & queer intimacies with the artists and academics of OUTsider 2019.
Coffee+Tea+goodies will be served!

Co-sponsored by LGBTQ+ Studies at UT. W/ the delicious support of JuiceLand & Texas Coffee Traders!




Thursday, Feb. 21, 11am-1:00pm
@The OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.)

The queer and the curious converge to talk about collecting, amassing, archiving, displaying. This session brings together artists and academics who, through their critical lenses and practices, grapple with the freakish, the esoteric, and all else OUTside the box or in the cabinet of queeriosities.

Grayson Hunt (moderator)

Ann Cvetkovich
Clement Goldberg
Gretchen Phillips
Julius Poncelet Manapul
Elliot Reed


Friday, Feb. 22, 11am-1:00pm
@The OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.)

 This session convenes artists to talk about sex, desire, and pleasure. In particular it brings them together to discuss sexual representations, the vexed relationship with colonial practices, but also the reclamations of the body (parts) to enact possible ways to self-love and recognition. Participants TBA.

Laura G. Gutiérrez (moderator)

Dorian Wood
Rob Fatal
Betty Grumble
Hot Bits Collective
Talia Mae Bettcher


Saturday, Feb. 23, 11am-1:00pm
@The OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.)

How do displaced, diasporic, and migrant subjects survive and still make ‘home’ in hostile territory? How do artists and activists grapple with competing meanings of homeland and unhinge it from the state apparatus? This session is a gesture toward artistic decolonizing possibilities. Participants TBA.

Khyree D. Davis (moderator)

Nia & Ness
Kaya Té & Lembra
Thirza Cuthand
Jesús Valles



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