Art Bizarre







Sat (12/21), 1:00pm-4:00pm, Vortex Theater

Come cruise the art at the bizarre!

Featuring Matthew Conway, Jaelah KuehMichel, Richard Ashby, Nathan Rapport, Michael Anthony Garcia, Lacie Hexom, Tommy Joiner, Bookwoman & more!




Experimental Films by:

Marcus White (Pearls), Natasha Wheatley (Color of our Feathers), Angela Herr (Aroma), Paul Detwiler (24 Hitchhikers), Adam M. (Therese/s & Simone/s), Hilary Schwartz (Is it Sweet?), Frankie Symonds (Wanting & Getting), Blake Pruitt (Camchat), Jennifer Farmer (Waltzing Tomatoes), Carolyn Pavlik (Birds in Warped Time), Ewan Duarte (Change Over Time), Coral Short (We Don’t Want to Marry), Alex Girardi, Eduardo Restrepo (The Whistle) & Marne Lucas (“Sodom/Gomorrah/Milk/Salt”).

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