Friday, February 21

Conference on the Couch 2: Queer + Anti-Colonial

@ OUThouse: 11:00am – 1:00pm


Details HERE.



@ Energies Balanced (727 Airport Blvd.): 2:00pm – 3:30pm


Join Krista Del Gallo for some midday yoga to get you stretched and ready for the Friday night festivities. Co-sponsored by Energies Balanced.


@ G.A.L.’s: 4:00pm – 5:30pm


OUTsider participating artists and academics, you are cordially invited to a happy hour celebration of YOU!


Kay Turner, Emily Socolov & the Crones & Cronettes (list below)

@ VORTEX (Tent): 6:00pm-7:30pm


At the behest of the goddesses, wherever and whoever they may be, please come one and all to Queer Croning, an OUTsider celebration of the post-menopausal woman in all of us. Gone are certain concerns with fertility—or fruitfulness as OUTsider’s 2020 theme suggests. 

A woman reaches a certain age—50—and gladly resigns the monthly shedding. Oh hail, the spoiled fruit! the rotten fruit! the queer fruit of becoming fruitless! – but never faithless to feminism and its rewards of true fulfillment: “I don’t want to be a vessel anymore.”  

Join the sisterhood, smash the patriarchy, and Cheer Her On as a gaggle of gorgeous women in the OUTsider family leave maiden and mother behind to affirm the wisdom of becoming Crone—Queer Crone! It’s never too late to get old! Live, love, and climb over the hill with us on Friday Feb 21 in the Vortex Theater Tent, transformed into a No Mo Menstrual Hut. 

Your Crone Queens and Ritual Mavens for the evening are Kay Turner and Emily Socolov, with assistance from others who shall soon be revealed. 

For the altar of transformation, please bring an offering of fruit or vegetable in full ripeness but not-quite-rotting stage. Your gifts are much appreciated, as is your presence at whatever stage in the cycle of life you currently enjoy. 

It’s 2020.  Time to start seeing queerly/clearly, Crones!


Artist Biographies: Kay Turner and Emily Socolov

Queer Crone Mavens

Emily Socolov

Kay Turner

Queer Crone Mother

Suzy Seriff

Queer Crone Defender

Jenny Romaine

Queer Crone Queen

Frances Terry

Queer Cronees 2020

Anna Abraham

Sarah Bird

Paula Buls

Cherese Campo

Ann Cvetkovich

Rebecca Evans

Allison Faust

Laura Freeman

Katy Koonce

Joanna Labow

Lisa Moore

Gretchen Phillips

Susan Post

Ann Reynolds

Mary Sanger

Katie Stewart

MJ Torrance

Lorelei Weitzel

Donna Williams

Queer Cusp Cronette

Beth Schindler

Queer Cronettes

Ellie Erikson

Esther Gottesman

Paige Schilt

Rachael Shannon

Lindsay Smith

Lex Vaughn




Dorian Wood, w/ guests Michael Corwin & Mariachi Las Coronelas

@ VORTEX (Main): 8:30pm-10:00pm


XAVELA LUX AETERNA is both a tribute and a dialogue between two creative souls passing through one single body. For artist Dorian Wood, the road to paying homage to legendary Costa Rican-Mexican singer Chavela Vargas has been both a Holy Grail and a journey of self-reflection. Between the similarities of both artists (Costa Rican descent, queerness, both born on April 17th) there is another journey; an exploration that puts in its trajectory the nakedness of the soul, the renunciation of homeland and the plea to a world that bears on its hands the blood of the marginalization of human beings. “To those of us who have been pushed aside by society, Chavela is a divine presence,” says Dorian. “I feel an intense connection to this great artist, beginning with the common aspects we possess, and culminating with the greatest defiance, which is to live as one desires, with scars and kisses and everything. Chavela had her great loves and deep sorrows. With ‘Xavela Lux Aeterna’, I am interested in exploring her ‘whys’ with great respect and reverence, and I invite the audience to join me in this exploration.” Songs popularized by Chavela–interwoven with original compositions and folk music from Costa Rica–will be interpreted by Dorian’s distinctly powerful voice, accompanied by guitarist Michael Corwin.

Followed by a special performance by Vanessa del Fierro’s MARIACHI LAS CORONELAS: A dynamic vision of virtuosity, this all-female ensemble puts on a high-octane performance from beginning to end.

Join us for some sweets and a toast to Chavela in the Butterfly Bar following the Legacy Award festivities!

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