OUTsider Tribute to Tribe 8!

And the OUTsider Legacy Award goes to…

Tribe 8!


Hell yes! Each year we will confer an OUTsider Legacy Award to an artist/s, who embody the best qualities of being a cultural misfit: bold originality, oddball charm, wild disobedience, brilliant misbehavior. . .

Who better to receive our inaugural award than 90s band Tribe 8, who tore their way out of every box, defied the norms of straight-white-male (punk) rock, seized new creative ground for women, queers and transfolk, all while wearing mighty unmentionables and singing about “Lezbophobia“, “Frat Pigs” and “Barnyard Poontang“?

For the first time in MANY years, the members of Tribe 8 will be united for an OUTsider celebration that will include a retrospective of their work, both in and out of Tribe 8, and an all-star tribute of wild performances and Tribe 8 favorites.

Check out this old skool classic music video!

Details TBA, so stay tuned!


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