Julius Poncelet Manapul
@ VORTEX (Pony Shed): Ongoing

A continuation of a series of work consisting of installation, sculpture, animation, digital collage, and mix media crafted from gay porn and butterfly templates indigenous to the Philippines, interrogating the artist’s experiences of racialized displacement and diasporic queerness in an age of globalization.

UPDATE!: Artist talk with Julius Poncelet Manapul to be held on Saturday, February 23, at 5:30pm at the VORTEX’s Pony Shed. Check it OUT!








The Dandy Vagabonds
@ VORTEX (Yard): Ongoing w/ performances on 2/22 (Fri) at 8:30pm and 9:30pm
and 2/23 (Sat) at 2pm and 3pm

Join The Dandy Vagabonds on the interactive experience, a “Cosmic Journey of Queer Quartz”: Within the fabric walls of their Nebulous, meditate with stones, embody the cosmos and explore planetary transits.

Note: Seating is limited and all participants will be gifted a cleansed and cosmic crystal. ***mini astrology readings and stone energy treatments will be available for purchase throughout the weekend.***please daydream, rest and relax in our Nebulous tent throughout the weekend, when not in use. Follow their journey on fb & ig: @thedandyvagabonds & @indigomoonartist









FIVE YEARS IN A FLASH: OUTsider 5th Anniversary Retrospective
Rolando Sepulveda, OTIS IKE, Whitney Devin, Gretchen Phillips, Yamel Thompson, Russell Bush, Erica Robert Pallo @ OUThouse (3702 Robinson Ave.): Ongoing

For our fifth anniversary, we’re flaunting the photos of fun and faggotry that have most tickled our pinks and fostered our feels.


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