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For OUTsider in February, 2021

Deadline: October 1, 2020



OUTsider will enter a different dimension in 2021: Due to the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19, it’s improbable that we’ll be able to host an all in-person fest in February. Instead, OUTsider 2021 will likely be a hybrid happening, with several small socially-distanced events AND a series of UNCOMMON, interactive, intimate online experiences.

We stress UNCOMMON, as crises can be calls to new creativities, and we take the challenges of these times as an invitation to INVENTION: as a dare to do something unconventional, and to reimagine festivaling and togetherness into future forms. So, as we venture into the virtual, we promise to stay true to our mission of making queerdo mischief, fostering arty intimacies, and taking audiences “OUT-of-the-box”–including those damn boxes on Zoom!



Keeping with our OUT-of-this-world objectives, we solicit submissions in the following 4 categories. These are all for ONLINE/OUT-of-the-theater experiences.

1. ONE-ON-ONE EXPERIENCES: Have a talent you’d like to share one-on-one via FaceTime, a phone call, or some other means? This might include something like singing a song to a selected someone/s over the phone, or offering tarot card readings to the lucky chosen few. We are open to all ideas/innovations for these one-on-ones. These experiences will be offered on a limited basis, and in accordance with the capacities of the artist/s. The idea is to maintain arty intimacy in these distant times.

2. SHORT SPECTACLES: Do you have a short (5-10 minute) performance that might fit into something like a roulette style format on Zoom (or elsewhere), in which audiences will spontaneously sample a buffet of creative brilliance? Send us your stuff! The idea is to create some fugitive fun with multi-artist showcases featuring a variety of spectacular “shorts.”

3. WILD CARDS (LONGER PERFORMANCES): How might you envision a performance online that is transformative? Something that allows audiences to experience art anew. Break open the box and bring us into a new realm queerdos! The sky is (not) the limit, so hack the system and fling us into the future. This is an intentionally open-ended category to give artists the freedom to surprise us with something we’d never come up with on our own. We are open to all imaginings.

4. OTHER: Our minds are open. So feel free to use the above 3 categories as catapults into other forms of online wildness & weirdness. Show us the (other) way!

Across these categories, as we find a festival future that is OUTsider as ever, we’re looking for innovative, interactive, intimate ideas. In each instance, we’ll work with selected artists to bring their ideas to vision. All artists will be compensated.

NOTE: On the Submission Form you will be asked about MENTORSHIP MEET-UPS. If you’re an experienced artist/scholar who is willing to have a one-on-one conversation with someone who could benefit from your knowledge and/or camaraderie, or if are you someone who might benefit from such mentorship and camaraderie, we want to hook you up! Check the appropriate box on the submission form and we’ll be in touch.

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